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They quickly fixed their last flawed update... Also they were very quick to respond to the email I sent them about the problem. So kudos to them! There still seems to be a minor bug with the map re-loading itself twice, but I can live with it... But that is why it got four stars and not five.


Another lousy asian app that does NOTHING but blink and crash.

Love this app...wish Fiji was more accessible

This is a great app for anyone interested in plate tectonics, seismic activity, etc. I lived in Fiji for 3 years and would love to monitor seismic activity in that part of the world. For some reason, if you scroll the earth clockwise or counterclockwise as far as it will go the Pacific region of which Fiji is a part is not accessible...or partially accessible at best.


First word I uttered when I opened the app! Really shows just how tectonically active the earth is on a daily basis. Great for earth science class.

Fun to see, but...

The only thing it's missing is the ability to scroll the map far enough to see the entire Ring of Fire around the Pacific Ocean. It has the potential to be a powerful image for students to see as it is one of the more consistently active parts of the world for earthquakes and volcanoes.

First to know about virginia quake

From Raleigh NC: some felt tremors, others didn't. I decided to check my iQuake app and could tell others in office about the 5.8 in VA in minutes.


I love this app. I would just like to know one thing do you guys use the ESRI software for your maps and symbols?????


The new version crashes immediately on launch on the iPad under iOS 3.2

Very good!

Really very good, the udpate is very fast, much better than other pay apps. Good job!

Really cool

I don't need this app for anything - not a scientist nor do I live anywhere where earthquakes are common, but I find it very interesting. And it's free, so I don't get the low ratings. I haven't had any crashes or bugginess. It's a very cool map with good presentation of information for the average person. If you're not the average person, then don't get the one called "lite". Everyone else, enjoy!

Clean and simple

Just downloaded it and used it. App is clean and simple, but I wish the world map was split down the middle of the Atlantic so the entire pacific could be seen at once. That's where most of the earthquakes are! Also, it would be nice to be able to set the minimum earthquake intensity that's displayed.

Useful app for those of us in earthquake areas

I found this app very useful, uploading it soon after feeling the earthquake here in Southern California on April 4. You can use a list of the latest earthquakes to get information (not detailed, but good enough), or tap on the map. Both are useful. The database from which they pull the data is very good (I believe the USGS), and it's kind of cool to look at earthquakes across the world. Of course, most earthquakes are not related to each other, but you can see local swarms. For example, the April 4 earthquake in Baja California is still sending out several aftershocks per hour, so you get a huge splotch on the map. This is the "lite" version, so I'm assuming that the full version will be more fun. I'd like to see earthquake depths and longer history (I'm not sure how far back the data base goes) which is easily accessible. Anyways, for those of us on the West Coast, it's a very useful tool. Once the iPad store is open worldwide, I'm sure people in other areas of the world will buy it. We used to have office pools on the Magnitudes of earthquakes...this will make paying off much better (yes, after a few hundred earthquakes in my life, including quite destructive ones, but most Californians have a callous attitude towards them).

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